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Kathy Gosa
Kathy Gosa

Kathy has more than 35 years’ experience in education and information technology. For the past 4.5 years, she has provided P-20W technical assistance for the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Program, where she specializes in supporting states in implementing data quality and data delivery solutions. Kathy is the SLDS collaboration point of contact and works closely with CCSSO/EIMAC, CRDC, CEDS, CIID, and other TA Centers and organizations.

Kathy provides individual technical assistance to nineteen states, including on-site visits and regular calls to support their work on a broad range of data system initiatives. She has led national workgroups on a variety of topics including ESSA Reporting, Data Linking, Employment Outcome Metrics, Teacher-Labor Market Analysis, and Data Governance; and regional workshops on Cross-Agency Linking, Sustainability, Data System Modernization, Communication, Privacy and Security, Sustainable Governance, and Developing and Implementing Research Agendas. Kathy has also facilitated numerous national webinars and supported development of best practice briefs on topics including data collection and reporting, sustainability, collaboration, governance, communications, and system design.

Prior to this, she spent ten years providing IT leadership for the Kansas State Department of Education, where as a member of the executive team she participated in strategic planning; worked closely with program areas; directed grant and proposal activities for 4 competitive federal grants totaling over $20 million; coordinated collection and reporting of fiscal and non-fiscal data; and oversaw federal reporting and data submission to EDFacts, OSEP, Perkins, SEA-CRDC (for LEAs), and other federal offices. In addition she implemented and maintained agency security policies and the State Technology Plan, and designed and led the agency’s nationally recognized data governance program and Data Quality Certification program for LEA staff training and coordination. Kathy has also provided IT leadership for major public-sector organizations, was an educator at the K12 and university levels, and designed and delivered adult education curricula for several public-sector organizations. She holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Kansas.

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