Dave Binning
Dave Binning

What do you do at AEM?

I’m a water and wastewater engineer. I provide a lot of training for the U.S. State Department water and wastewater operators in our overseas posts. I also provide technical training for the State Department’s managers to help them better understand their critical potable water systems.

What’s the biggest challenge in your work?

I have worked in the field for 40 years with some of the largest systems in the world. For the last seven years, though, I’ve been working on some of the smallest systems in the world helping water system operators who may have only limited training on these plants. The challenge is to teach good operation and maintenance practices to people across a variety of languages and backgrounds. It’s fun. I get emails that range from complex, penetrating plant design questions to “I don’t know what the blue bottle is for.” All are important and require a thoughtful response.

What would your clients be surprised to learn about AEM?

To our clients, AEM is the subset of AEM professionals that they work with on any project. My clients see AEM primarily as a civil engineering consultancy. I think they’d be very surprised to learn the broader scope of our work.