Karla Eslinger, Ph.D.
Karla Eslinger, Ph.D.
Senior Education Analyst

What do you do at AEM?

I work in Education Services as a member of the Race to The Top District team. We provide technical assistance to grantees as they develop and implement personalized learning environments for students. I also assist with other programs such as Striving Readers, a literacy program that works directly with state agencies. 

How does AEM compare to previous places you've worked?

My previous experience as a public school teacher, principal, superintendent and Assistant Commissioner of Education were all within the state of Missouri. At AEM, I have the opportunity to work in the national education community. We work with state education agencies and school districts, and provide support to our team members at the U.S. Department of Education. The other difference is that even though AEM is a national corporation, it has a family culture. AEM staff supports grantees, the Department of Education and each other as family. 

What would your clients be surprised to learn about AEM?

Our clients would be surprised to learn about the diversity of expertise and the types of projects and programs under the umbrella of AEM. Within the Education Services division, we have expertise in IT, data, early childhood learning, personalized learning, leadership, equity, and school reform. We have experience in every aspect of educating students.