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Aimee Flannery

Dr. Aimee Flannery joined AEM in July 2011 as the Director of Transportation. Prior to joining AEM, Dr. Flannery was an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at George Mason University and served as a Senior Technical Advisor for ITS America in 2011.

Dr. Flannery is a transportation engineer specializing in highway operations, level of service modeling, and safety analysis. Over the past 17 years, Dr. Flannery has maintained an active research career including studies in the area of highway operational analysis, roundabout analysis, urban street performance modeling, multi-modal quality of service/level of service modeling, identification of performance measures, survey methods, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and highway safety performance and analysis.

Dr. Flannery has experience in project management, survey development and deployment, developing large scale data collection plans, database development, statistical modeling and analysis, and report writing at the federal, state, and local levels. Specific national studies that Dr. Flannery has conducted include NCHRP 3-65 Applying Roundabouts in the United States and NCHRP 3-70 Multimodal Level of Service for Urban Streets for the Transportation Research Board. In addition, she recently completed a design document for CalTrans on the topic of pedestrian and bicycle operations and safety at multilane roundabouts and was the lead author on AASHTO’s Safe Routes to School Noteworthy Practices Guide. Dr. Flannery is the author of numerous publications and has given many presentations at national and international professional conferences during her career.

She is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee and Chair of the Performance Measures Subcommittee. Dr. Flannery is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia and Michigan.