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Dave Binning

Dave Binning brings over 35 years of utility and urban systems management experience to the AEM team. His background includes the planning, management, design, construction, start-up and operation of public utility systems, with a strong focus on water and wastewater utility systems.

Dave has held the most senior positions in both water and wastewater utility organizations for both urban and rural systems. In addition, he has years of senior management leadership as the Chief Engineer of one of the nation’s largest water providers where he was responsible for the design and construction of facilities in excess of $700 million. Dave is active at the national level developing water sector security and resiliency tools, policies and procedures to increase the security and sustainability of utility operations. His work in water system metrics development and measurement has been adopted and widely used in the industry.

Dave's risk management and reliability system development has resulted in actionable plans that have been implemented in some of the nation's most critical public facilities. He is involved closely with water and wastewater utilities to evaluate operating and maintenance programs, manning and activity levels and has a record of assisting some of the country’s leading operations prepare to bridge their workforce into the technology of the future.

Recently, Dave has been providing exciting, ground-breaking system integration and site development services for the direct-to-ethanol, sustainable energy industry with sites in the U.S. and abroad. His activities have included the sizing and deployment of biogeneration facilities, helping to convert experimental concepts to ethanol producing fields; as well as the development of manning plans, equipment schedules, and the estimation of construction and operating costs.

He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering with postgraduate work in Infrastructure system resilience and sustainability from the Naval War College. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Virginia, Delaware and Arizona. He is an Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering at George Mason University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses in public water and wastewater design, operations and security.