AEM Blue

AEM is leading the effort to integrate special education data into statewide longitudinal data systems as the grantee for the Center for the Integration of IDEA Data (CIID) via the Office of Special Education Programs.

Many special education program offices within State Education Agencies (SEAs) are eager to work on resolving siloes in the management and architecture of their data systems. With an integrated structure, SEAs can better use data to inform educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

AEM has been a significant enabler in helping program offices within SEAs to improve cross-program communication. We foster collaboration between program offices to move toward data integration and use of a statewide longitudinal data system (SLDS), better data governance, collection, reporting, and analysis required for federal reporting, and more effective decision-making for students with disabilities. Our team serves as a valuable resource, providing expertise in data management, SLDS, CEDS, and special education data.

Through CIID, AEM has also developed Generate, an innovative tool that is modernizing the process of federal education data reporting. AEM is the first to develop a software solution like Generate that is freely available to SEAs and is completely built off the CEDS standard. The Generate tool, now in use, already eases the federal reporting burden for more than 25% of SEAs, representing aggregate reporting to EDFacts on 6.7 million students and 429,000 teachers from more than 3,000 local education agencies.

To develop Generate into a high-utility, high-quality tool, AEM provides an unmatched combination of expertise across EDFacts, SLDS, CEDS and software development. What’s more, our relationships with SEA staff across the SLDS, IT and special education domains allows for successful engagements to implement the Generate applications.