AEM Blue

AEM has developed a technology solution that makes education data reporting simple, streamlined, and standard, driving data-informed policymaking that benefits students across the US.

Using the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and grant funding from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, AEM developed Generate: the automated EDFacts reporting solution. Generate is freely available to all 60 US states and territories to facilitate mandatory education data reporting to the Department of Education. 

Generate standardizes data reporting processes via a single application. It streamlines the reporting process and helps states and territories leverage the CEDS data model, which is designed to align with federal reporting requirements. With this centrally maintained system, education agencies gain not only a powerful data standard but also efficiencies in the reporting process.

The adoption of Generate, and by extension, CEDS, provides education data stakeholders with more usable and higher-quality EDFacts data for application across the Department of Education, allowing for improved insights for administrative and policy decisions. Furthermore, implementing Generate and using it for EDFacts reporting gives all states and territories the start to a leveraged shared solution. Anything built upon Generate can be easily shared and adopted by education offices that have implemented Generate.