AEM Blue

AEM helps state, local, and postsecondary educational institutions—among other education stakeholders—operationalize best practices in data privacy, confidentiality, and security. We also educate on their responsibilities to safeguard student data under federal statute.

Through the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), in partnership with the US Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office, more than 200,000 staff, administrators, faculty, students, and parents are now trained on how to protect student education records. We have provided services to nearly every state and territory in the U.S. through on-site training, technical assistance, and delivering guidance through the Student Privacy help desk.

Because of limited resources, school districts and postsecondary institutions have great needs for education data security and privacy support. Since 2010, the AEM subject matter experts working under the PTAC contract have been at the forefront of bridging the gap for these institutions, providing on-the-ground expertise and consultation to ensure that institutions can handle student data with both privacy and security in mind. Our subject matter experts also serve as partners with State Education Agencies and help to address potential weak points in their privacy and data security efforts.

Our established and diverse team of subject matter experts offers a range of skillsets to address all facets of data privacy, from audits of security architecture to development of training curricula. The team’s flexibility is also a strong point, as it can quickly pivot and provide privacy expertise in new contexts as needed.