AEM Blue

AEM assists United States government agencies and military commands with strict guidelines for accessing systems within their networks.

Implementation of two factor authentication to those systems using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is essential to providing non-repudiation, data integrity, origin of data, and origin of data manipulation.

Notably, AEM assisted one command with planning and implementing two factor authentication methods on industry standard database technology. Our engineers identified software requirements, database settings, and configuration files which needed to be modified. We developed a plan for seamlessly deploying this capability across highly specialized and unique database systems, allowing for use of PKI technologies to authenticate interactive users. We then worked with the command to implement those changes through careful coordination and communication with key stakeholders.

AEM engineers dedicated particular effort to implementing and troubleshooting this complex authentication method across different systems and configurations. The numerous systems involved in this project included multiple operating systems types and versions, many with non-standardized configurations.

Through this engagement, AEM was able to successfully implement the use of PKI certificates for individual user authentication across more than one hundred database systems.