AEM has provided mission-critical expertise and support services to our defense and intelligence agency clients for the last three decades.

We are proud to enhance the daily lives of those who protect our national security. Our work now supports more than 10,000 users in 400 locations, and each of our relationships in this sector benefits from dedicated personnel who possess deep domain expertise and a commitment to innovative thinking. We earn the trust of our clients by working collaboratively to meet their diverse needs.

Our experts understand the criticality and sensitivity of data. We offer scalable and secure technologies that are relied upon by a number of clients in the sector. Our cybersecurity team manages secure installs, application development, hardening, system optimization, daily maintenance, and data migrations. Across a range of challenges, we work quickly to deploy and secure systems according to stringent government standards, always minimizing potential risk to the overall network.

We have been lauded for providing consistent and quality support in engineering, IT, and data operations. For several of our projects, we meet the needs of military service members and their families stationed around the world. Our teams work diligently around the clock to ensure all systems are secured and operational on behalf of the civilians, officers, enlisted personnel, and families they serve.

AEM’s experts stand apart from the competition by demonstrating an ability to swiftly ramp up work, to excel at quick transitions, and to leverage proven templates towards lasting results. Because we understand the magnitude of investment required in the implementation of new technologies and systems, we go to great lengths to efficiently manage these efforts and to create lasting value for our clients.