AEM develops and implements technical and programmatic solutions that help nonprofits and foundations operate at peak performance.

Our solutions allow not only responsible stewardship of donor dollars but also the peace of mind that comes from a reliance on the support of experts.

AEM has earned the trust of a constellation of nonprofit organizations because we work diligently to understand and actualize each client’s core values. Our decades of experience in IT modernization, data management, and operations management inform meaningful partnerships. Whether streamlining data systems, supporting nuanced policy objectives, or aiding in capacity building, our experts enable nonprofits to dedicate the full force of their energies to their own important work.

Our collaborative and innovative spirit makes us an ideal complement to mission-driven efforts. Like not-for-profit leaders across the country, we carry a deeply felt passion for making a positive impact, for easing burdens, and for reshaping the status quo. This combination of empathy and innovation fuels our engagements and reflects the values of the organizations we are proud to serve.