Growing demand, aging infrastructure, and shrinking budgets across the country require innovative approaches toward management of transportation systems.

At AEM, our experts draw from decades of diverse research in transportation—our data-rich insights make us a premier resource for research and solutions at local, state, and national levels. Our work has been featured in national publications and international conferences.

For each of the agencies we serve, AEM’s expertise provides clear and measurable return on investment. Our work includes technical assistance to clients, the development of technical guidance, analysis of risk and resilience surrounding transportation infrastructure, modern data system architecture and management, and big data analytics. Because we recognize the unique complexities faced by each of our client partners, our experienced team of engineers never offers one-size-fits-all solutions to transportation challenges. Instead, each engagement draws on customized approaches, applications, and software that inform and improve operational and organizational processes and reduce costs.

We excel at the collection and interpretation of research findings that shape operations, safety, planning, and policy. Throughout each project, we pair our transportation expertise with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, modern data systems design, and data science. This unique blend of skills has enabled us to thoroughly analyze the performance of the Freeway Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) in Las Vegas, to assess risk and infrastructure resilience in the wake of a devastating Colorado flood, and to assess the performance of Traffic Incident Management programs. We continue to contribute in both practical and theoretical areas through membership on Transportation Research Board committees.

AEM’s commitment to innovation and leadership in the transportation sector is perhaps best exemplified in our development of a groundbreaking geospatial analysis approach for risk-and-resilience analysis of highway assets. As populations boom, AEM’s technical aptitude and civic commitment ensure transportation systems continue to improve to serve their growing needs.