AEM provides research, development, and evaluation support to help customers adopt advanced approaches and technologies and drive new innovations.

Our work takes many forms. We inform and improve programs and policies. We advance technology in a variety of disciplines, and we apply rigorous quantitative and qualitative research and analysis methods. In these efforts, we draw from scientific, engineering, and social science expertise across the company.

AEM’s research, development and evaluation teams are composed of practitioners with expertise in research environments in labs and in the field. In fact, our employees have a range of advanced degrees, and our teams include former tenured professors from major research universities. We develop research reports and papers that meet peer-review standards, and we are able to clearly and effectively communicate findings to the public as well as specialists, policymakers, and researchers. AEM experts frequently publish and present their methods and findings to improve the state of the practice.

Our employees routinely develop new concepts, models, methods, and approaches in support of our clients. We also develop research plans and technical guidance in support of these efforts, and we frequently design and implement evaluations that provide rigorous and potentially causal evidence. Our clients benefit from the industry-leading capabilities that we provide—whether we are leading groundbreaking geospatial analyses to assess risk to infrastructure from natural and manmade threats, designing new facility management tools that substantially lower energy costs, or assessing the effectiveness of education interventions.