The buildings in which we live and work require a holistic approach to maintenance and management.

For three decades, AEM has earned a reputation for skillful support of facilities management needs. Across a range of clients, we support the systems that facilitate management, acquisition, modernization, repair and replacement of housing, and we complement those capabilities with an experienced group of facilities engineers.

Notably, AEM aids the Department of Defense by providing software solutions that support a million housing units. We are proud to offer full lifecycle program management and information technology support for family, unaccompanied, and privatized housing. Our services include client-facing technical support, cyber-security services, database management and design, report development and querying, enterprise system management, software development and configuration, business function expertise, and comprehensive administrative processes.

Our expertise in engineering uniquely positions AEM as a multifaceted resource for facilities management. Our LEED Accredited Professionals understand the mechanical, technological, and structural challenges of multi-dwelling structures. Each of our experts is adept at performing studies of energy use and conservation and at commissioning or retro-commissioning complex facilities. The data we collect, and the solutions we build in response to that data, routinely serve to enhance building efficiency and to reduce unnecessary expense.

Our experts have integrated energy and power quality meters around the world and have trained facility managers and staff in the adoption of new and customized technologies. Since the onset of the Energy Policy Act of 1992, we have analyzed, prepared, and implemented energy improvements for more than 10 million square feet of facilities, including a single project at the Department of State that resulted in nearly $15 million in total savings.