Much of our business comes from repeat clients. They return to AEM because our work is rooted not only in the breadth and depth of our expertise but also in the strength of how we conduct our business.

At every level of our organization, we expect integrity to be the norm, and we extend the same empathy and respect to our employees that we pledge to our clients, our partners, and our communities. 

AEM’s sense of responsibility is matched by our commitment to exemplary work. We recruit diverse employees to cultivate different skillsets and perspectives on each team. Whether at work on a jobsite or around the office, we create space for smart experimentation and entrepreneurship, and we leave our employees with no doubt of their talents—or of the value they bring to each engagement. We also cover continuing education costs so that employees can advance their professional knowledge and capabilities.

Across all of our work, our success springs from steadfast, honest principles. No matter how complex the challenge, AEM refuses to take shortcuts or to shortchange a client, colleague, or partner. We seek, in each of our engagements, to make a difference to our society. We stake our reputation on a dedication to shared success.