Founded in 1986 by a recognized engineering expert, AEM has grown by way of a network of talented professionals in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil/environmental engineering, and transportation engineering.

Together, we combine our academic and applied expertise with data and information technology capabilities in order to advance cutting-edge solutions. We excel where engineering challenges require information solutions.

AEM’s contributions are driven by an interest in solving unmet needs across various engineering categories. Our solutions have led us to client partnerships in areas as diverse as renewable energy systems, critical infrastructure risk assessment, integrated building control systems, sustainability, testing and analysis of water quality, and transportation system performance management. Notably, we developed PARRE™, a commercial software tool that provides guidance to utilities in probability-based risk and resiliency planning. We are also a recognized leader in the use of LIDAR-sensor data and GIS-based tools to remotely assess natural threats to transportation systems.

Our professional engineers have conducted work in more than 100 countries, performing research, technical assessments, facilities and infrastructure analyses, design, and construction support tasks that have strengthened the U.S. State Department and benefited U.S. water treatment facilities and transportation systems. Whether engaged in transportation engineering, infrastructure risk and resilience analysis, or facilities management, our experts become an extension of our client partner’s workforce in order to solve complex challenges.

In all engagements, AEM weighs the investments required for technological advancements against clearly defined objectives for operational efficiencies, cost reduction, and business planning. In the face of each new challenge, we focus on the on-time completion of objectives and on the delivery of quality results.