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Conduct a probability-based risk and resilience assessment of your critical assets with AEM's PARRE, one of two software programs approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Short for “Program to Assist Risk & Resilience Examination,” PARRE ensures we aren’t reinventing the process with each engagement on the customer’s dime. Our web-based interactive database assists owner/operator assessment teams in the conduct of a probability-based risk and resilience assessment of their critical assets.

PARRE helps you stay compliant:

All water utilities serving more than 3,300 people must conduct Risk and Resiliency Assessments and develop Emergency Response Plans.


AEM works with companies of all sizes.


AEM is more effective with your time and money.


AEM knows the J100 standard. After all, we helped to write it.

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Comprehensive Approach...

Good risk assessment, upon which actionable decisions can be make, requires the intelligent correlation of substantial operating information with real world impediments. To be comprehensive and exhaustive, hundreds or thousands of asset-threat combinations must be valued, evaluated, and prioritized.

Actionable Insights...

PARRE supports your team in this process, intelligently dealing with this minutiae so that the team can focus on the most important details and actionable insights. We share a written report with you, but we also leave all of the data in an easy-to-use software framework that can be updated and examined through “what if” drills at any time.

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