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AEM’s experts in risk and resilience offer decades of experience in innovative evaluation, performance measurement, and decision support systems.


We facilitate...

Risk and Resilience assessments take a well-balanced team of key stakeholders, each with intimate knowledge of the system. Let a PARRE professional help you form your team and facilitate the process. Your team will have the benefit of an on-site leader, thoroughly familiar with J-100 and PARRE, able to save you valuable time and energy completing your analysis.  Further, a PARRE team facilitator brings experience gained from working with a wide variety of similar teams across the country, able to provide insight and ideas for your consideration.

We offer on-call support...

Getting ready to launch your assessment? PARRE can provide full-time telephone and / or teleconference support to answer those technical and assessment questions as they arise.  Your team are busy people who cannot afford to get stopped trying to answer a question that the experienced PARRE staff can quickly resolve.

We also support SAFETY Act flow-down documentation...

Have you completed a PARRE assessment and want third party review and documentation that the provisions of the J-100 standard have been met so that you can be protected by the flow-down provision of the SAFETY Act? Let the experienced PARRE team audit your findings and provide independent review for your records.

PARRE helps you stay compliant:

All water utilities serving more than 3,300 people must conduct Risk and Resiliency Assessments and develop Emergency Response Plans.