AEM Design and Marketing Strategy drives measurable outcomes through market research, human-centered design, and business and marketing strategy.

Every organization competes for customer attention with a limited budget. By definition, they cannot stand out by adopting the best practices of their competitorsit is often necessary to change the way they do business.

AEM takes a comprehensive approach across organizational boundaries, recognizing that success in today's marketplace requires an informed vision for products and services, continuous user learning and testing, and timely sharing of knowledge throughout the enterprise. We take an entrepreneurial approach, building and maintaining stakeholder support while moving to results as quickly as possible.

Our engagements demonstrate both breadth and depth. We have changed the strategic focus for a business consulting firm, built a corporate business development plan for a large technology integrator, and developed a global marketing strategy for a UN agency. We have helped Bose Corporation with storytelling and the Department of Education with digital strategy. We are developing a carpooling application and launch plan for the Department of Transportation.

AEM has more than two dozen employees that support design, strategy, and communications efforts for customers. We also leverage the specialized capabilities of other AEM divisions, including mobile app development and “Big Data” analysis. Through this hybrid model of technical and creative talent, we demonstrate higher impact for our customers.


adhoc-logo-FINALAEM's Podcast Experiment

You can listen to Ad Hoc on AEM’s site—or wherever you listen to podcasts. In this original series, we uncover insights into how and why ads are made by speaking with leaders at global companies and nonprofits.