Following the attacks of September 11th, AEM’s leadership moved to fill a national security gap.

Informed by deep engineering expertise in the water sector, our engineers and software developers collaborated to develop the Program to Assist Risk & Resilience Examination (PARRE™). This interactive application assists America’s public and private utilities in the cataloging and assessment of risk, and then it ranks mitigation options through rigorous cost/benefit analysis.

While the risk-mitigation functions of PARRE™ are not yet mandated by law, our clients appreciate the deep value this tool provides. As the first commercial support application of its kind, fully compliant with the ANSI/AWWA J100 Standard, PARRE™ helps to calculate, evaluate, and prioritize thousands of asset-threat combinations that confront a variety of facilities. The application’s comprehensive capabilities allow owners and operators to frame substantial operating information against real-world impediments, while maintaining a clear view of the larger overall system.

The Department of Homeland Security awarded PARRE™ its SAFETY Act designation, which encourages the development and deployment of effective anti-terrorism products and services. The impact of PARRE™ is just a small part of AEM’s continued mission to make a meaningful difference in the public sector by promoting safety, stability, and efficiency.