AEM Blue

AEM helped to modernize a military program responsible for testing, tracking, and notifying reserve and active duty military members regarding bloodborne pathogens.

As the previous program was more than fifteen years old, it relied on an operating system version that was no longer supported by the vendor. This presented a high-risk security challenge.

AEM provided hardware installation, architecture design, infrastructure installation, software development, operating system installation, and security hardening services for the newly developed system. We also provided a comprehensive security evaluation in preparation for the systems and application to undergo the stringent DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) evaluation.

Our solutions addressed the sensitivity of health records, personally identifiable information, and military status. For instance, AEM experts developed access controls and implemented two factor authentication, ensuring the information contained on the system remained secure. Our engineers also implemented FIPS 140-2 encryption for data transmissions and data at rest in the database, providing a higher degree of security and data protection.

We leveraged an industry-leading application server and database solutions to ensure our program offers high value for the next fifteen years. We optimized these solutions for performance and security to ensure maximum support of the client mission.