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AEM has received a subaward on the newly announced historic investment of the National Science Foundation (NSF) into SafeInsights, a five-year, $90 million research and development infrastructure for inclusive education research.

AEM will provide the project management support needed to coordinate progress across a team of 80 partners and collaborating institutions.

Led by OpenStax-Rice University, SafeInsights is a large-scale education research hub that will safely connect digital learning platforms and educational institutions to learn about learning. This initiative represents the National Science Foundation’s largest single investment in R&D infrastructure for education at a national scale, and SafeInsights will be the first national infrastructure of its kind.

“OpenStax-Rice University has championed an initiative that will have a meaningful impact on education,” said Jim Campbell, AEM vice president. “We’re excited about the opportunity to contribute people and processes based on our management of other complex and high-visibility initiatives for foundations, non-profits, and federal agencies including the Department of Education.”

SafeInsights includes a multidisciplinary network of 40 partners and 39 collaborating institutions, including more than a dozen large-scale, digital learning platforms that together reach tens of millions of students. AEM will work with this network to enable privacy-preserving research studies to better understand student learning.

Future studies are anticipated to help education researchers understand how students learn best, no matter who they are, what they are learning, or how they are learning. The insights gained can lead to the development of better, research-informed teaching tools and practices, promoting educational equity.

SafeInsights stringently protects learner privacy. SafeInsights uses a unique technique, called “secure data enclaves,” which unlocks valuable insights without revealing any student information to researchers or moving student information from the learning tools that it safely lives in today.

“This project has all the hallmarks of other successful projects we’ve been able to support, including a results-oriented approach, a big-tent coalition, and an ambitious vision,” Campbell added. “We look forward to partnering with the OpenStax-Rice University team on this groundbreaking project.”

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AEM Partners on New National Science Foundation Large-scale Research ...

AEM will provide the project management support needed to coordinate progress across a team of 80 partners and collaborating institutions.

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