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AEM Co-Authors New Report on The Need for a Nationwide Student-Level Data Network (SLDN)

WASHINGTON, DC (June 15, 2022) – As the summer semester gets underway for students across the country and millions more prepare to begin or continue their postsecondary journey this fall, data experts are working to ensure those students – and their families and policymakers at all levels – can make informed decisions to promote valuable postsecondary outcomes and a stronger workforce.

Vizuri to Become AEM Commercial

This change brings an increased investment in AEM’s growth in the commercial and not-for-profit markets. It also reflects a deeper integration with AEM’s practice areas, including highly relevant capabilities such as customer experience (CX), data management, and data science.

AEM Partners with CCSSO to Advance Interoperability

The Modernization and Future Readiness initiative is designed to create capacity, time, and space for State Education Agencies (SEAs) to identify and develop meaningful innovations in interoperability.

AEM Launches Chief Privacy Officer Network

AEM is proud to support the US Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office with the launch of the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) Network for state education agencies.