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AEM has announced that Vizuri, a longtime innovation hub within AEM Corporation, will begin to work with customers through the new AEM Commercial brand.

This change brings an increased investment in AEM’s growth in the commercial and not-for-profit markets. It also reflects a deeper integration with AEM’s practice areas, including highly relevant capabilities such as customer experience (CX), data management, and data science.

“For twenty years, we’ve designed leading-edge technology solutions,” said Joe Dickman, Senior Vice President and founder of Vizuri. “As our teams have tackled complex business challenges, we’ve increasingly called on the full set of AEM capabilities. This seemed like the next logical jump for us, and we’re excited to offer the breadth of AEM to our customers.”

AEM Commercial specializes in hybrid-cloud enablement, business rules and process management, enterprise integration, microservices and API adoption, and modern application development. AEM Commercial will leverage existing partnerships and help to build new partnerships in expanding these practice areas. AEM will also leverage Vizuri's proven library of solution blueprints and reference architectures to enhance AEM's offerings in leading-edge business innovation.

Through hundreds of engagements, and more than 30 engagements with Fortune 500 companies, Vizuri refined an approach called Triple-A Acceleration. The ability to lead or support engagements at any point in their lifecycle—to assess, architect, or augment—has offered value to a range of customers in insurance, healthcare, finance, and nonprofit markets.

“Over the years, our Vizuri brand has grown from a relative unknown to a leader in innovation and IT solutioning,” said Sharon deMonsabert, president of AEM. “At the same time, as AEM has grown and expanded its vision for the future, the line between our public and private sector work has blurred. This rebranding strengthens our position in the market and enables our federal and commercial clients to benefit from lessons learned across the organization.”

The AEM Commercial brand will take effect immediately for most new corporate and not-for-profit customers. To support existing Vizuri customers and partners, the Vizuri brand will also continue to operate over the coming year while the team manages the remainder of the transition to AEM.

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