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Early Language and Literacy:
Professional Development Series

AEM's Early Language and Literacy series is a free 14-part professional development series aimed toward providing early childhood professionals with information and research on early language and literacy. The series can be facilitated by literacy experts in state departments, principals or early childhood leads in school districts, community-based trainers, and expert teachers or directors.

Research tells us that early literacy development is linked to academic achievement, higher graduation rates, and enhanced productivity in adult life. This series is a unique opportunity for early learning professionals to access high-quality, research-based materials and resources that will expand their confidence in providing young children with language and literacy teachings.

The materials in the professional development series include evidence-based strategies to support the language and literacy development of young children. To make the content as compelling and easy to use as possible, each module has an early childhood language and literacy specialist who guides the facilitators and participants through lessons.

Available Materials and Lessons

Each module features a comprehensive guided learning video and facilitator toolkit that features learning activities, additional readings, and handouts that cover a language and literacy lesson.

The adapted materials and lessons are divided into 14 modules along with facilitator materials that can help with lesson planning, evaluations, and background materials. 

  1. Overview of the Four Instructional Priorities to Prevent Reading Difficulties 
  2. Oral Language Foundation for Literacy
  3. Phonological Awareness
  4. Alphabet Knowledge and Print Awareness
  5. Shared Book Reading
  6. Dialogic Reading Strategies
  7. Teaching Vocabulary
  8. Working with Dual Language Learners
  9. Working with Struggling Learners
  10. Writing
  11. Utilizing Technology to Assist Children with High Needs to Access Literacy
  12. Physical Environments to Promote Early Language and Literacy
  13. Working with Families
  14. Does Early Math Mean Less Literacy and Language, or More?


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