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Jeff Sellers

Jeff Sellers has more than 38 years of experience working with education data. Currently, he supports the U.S. Department of Education as a technical assistance (TA) provider working with state agencies on a variety of issues related to Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems (ECIDS), data governance, adoption of CEDS, data usage, data visualization, project management, and longitudinal data system design. This experience includes content related to general education, special education, and early childhood, both Part C and Part B—specifically overseeing the development and implementation of a system that automates EDFacts federal reporting of Part B IDEA data. He has also worked with states to develop use cases and approaches for ECIDS integration strategies to develop the collection, transformation, and use of the integrated data.

Before joining AEM, Jeff worked for the state of Florida in a variety of Information System capacities including data management, data warehousing, information security, database administration, and data systems. He served as the Deputy Commissioner in the Florida Department of Education, directing the Division of Accountability, Research and Measurement. His division was responsible for the administration and scoring of the statewide summative assessments, school accountability, and the agency’s major education data systems for PK-12, community colleges, workforce education, and the PK20 Education Data Warehouse (EDW). The EDW is a comprehensive data repository of education data spanning prekindergarten through postsecondary graduate level achievements, providing a seamless data link between Florida’s public PK-12, workforce education, community college, and university systems. Jeff directed all aspects of the EDW development life cycle; was involved in system architectural implementation database administration, extract, cleanse, and load process review; and had final review and approval of all EDW project deliverables. 

Jeff has participated on a research and policy project committee reviewing and evaluating the use of education data and how it can inform decisions relating to evaluating education policies and programs. He has also served on multiple boards, advisory committees, and taskforces for regional data centers and national organizations on issues of connecting and using data longitudinally across education sectors and with related agency services.