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The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy) plays an important role in supporting IDEA early intervention and early childhood special education state programs in the development or enhancement of coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems.

Specifically, the Center is charged with providing technical assistance and appropriate resources to state agencies to assist with the development or enhancement of data systems for Part C early intervention and Part B preschool special education programs supported through IDEA.

AEM leverages its expertise in IDEA, technical assistance, and data systems development and management to support DaSy goals. Specifically, we provide targeted and intensive technical assistance to states, share content expertise through resource development, and provide leadership and coordination nationally to advance efforts to increase participation by Part C and Part B 619 in integrated early childhood and longitudinal state data work.

Through our efforts, we help Part C & Part B 619 programs, state education agencies, local education agencies leverage what is known. Where needed, we also generate new solutions and products to create and expand early childhood cross-agency and longitudinal data systems.