AEM Blue

AEM Corporation created and implemented a comprehensive approach to support the successful implementation of the federal Preschool Development Grant Technical Assistance (PDG TA) program.

The PDG TA project used a multi-vehicle delivery model for providing technical assistance that offers a variety of access modalities for state and federal audiences. We made intensive, differentiated TA available to funded grantees to support their grantee award projects, and used different TA access strategies to support states and their subgrantees.

Our approach established a PDG TA structure that supported both state funded grantees and the two federal offices responsible for managing and operating the project. We created critical touch points, including: intensive work developing portals for reporting state PDG data; analysis and development of summary reports of data; national-level collaboration efforts across TA centers; and development and management of national conference meetings.

Throughout the contract, our team provided intensive, differentiated technical assistance. We hosted the technical assistance website on our Communities360 platform, which averaged 12,000 views each month. We collected and analyzed Annual Performance Report data. We provided five distinct CoPs, and developed a wide range of written products that supported PDG grantee TA needs. We also hosted webinars, prepared newsletters, and planned and facilitated grantee meetings.

The PDG TA project was designed to be responsive to the needs of state grantees and federal departments. We structured technical assistance to meet the individual needs of the agencies and organizations, and through strong relationships, we offered creative solutions and support grantees whenever needed.