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STEM for Early Learners: New Professional Development Series Now Available

This post was co-written with AEM Early Childhood team member Kathy Thornburg.

What Will It Take to Get Better Data About the Early Childhood Workforce?

The early childhood community is tackling tough discussions about where we stand with workforce development and where we are headed. We seek to answer questions such as, “What are the minimum qualifications for teaching staff?”, “What types of jobs fall within the role/title of early childhood professional?” and “How do we address wage issues?”

How a “Data In” System Might Help Children With Disabilities From Being Left Out

The suspension and expulsion rates for our earliest learners is cause for attention and growing concern—particularly for children with, or suspected of having, a disability.

Are you Ready to Report on School Readiness?

Many in the field associate school readiness with its traditional definition, which is how prepared children are to enter and succeed in school. The factors that determine a child’s level of school readiness vary by state, framework, or program but typically include early math skills, social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognitive abilities, approaches to learning, and health and physical development. All states have determined the skills that children should develop by the time they enter kindergarten.