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Let’s Think About Operation Child Care

We tend to think about child care as a family issue and a business issue. Four decades ago, the fact is that child care became a “military readiness” issue when the draft was eliminated in favor of an all-volunteer force. With the resulting influx of families and children, child care was needed to reduce the conflict between military mission requirements and parental responsibilities.

Why Data Managers Are Stepping Outside of Traditional Roles

Yes, it is important to go to your office or cubicle and perform the day-to-day routines of collecting data, reporting federal and state data, and running ad-hoc data requests.

Plan Your Journey for a Successful Head Start Data Tour

AEM is passionate about using data… which means we are excited about the Head Start data tours and want you to be as well. I’ve worked with Head Start programs for over 20 years and I know that Head Start programs collect a LOT of data. Now, it’s time to show how you use that data.