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F5 BIG-IP How To: Joining New BIG-IP To Existing Device Group & Syncing Configuration

This blog post will provide a high-level overview of the steps required for adding a new F5 BIG-IP device to an existing device group and syncing the group configuration to the new device. The steps listed below assume each BIG-IP device is of the same series and model, running the same software version, and therefore fully compatible.

It is possible to add a device of a different series and/or model to the device group and sync the configuration between them. However, if you use the embedded HSM to store your digital certificates and keys, the new BIG-IP device must be of the same series as the current device to sync that information. Otherwise, you will have to add your certificates and keys manually to the new device upon initial configuration, and each time you renew or add new certificates and/or keys. Therefore, any attempt to deploy such a configuration may not be possible and is not advisable.

Installing Oracle Access Management

Oracle Access Management (OAM) is Oracle’s solution for user management. The software is part of the Fusion Middleware Infrastructure family and can be integrated with both Oracle and non-Oracle software. OAM provides an enterprise-level platform that delivers user authentication and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities in a simple web-based console. Access Manager SSO allows for entities to access multiple applications after authentication and reduces the need for multiple logins. 

5 Lessons for Finding the Right Test Automation Software

This is the second blog post in a two-part series examining test automation software. This blog post focuses on lessons learned for finding the right software product for your organization. We recommend you also read our first post, which is dedicated to understanding the process for moving from manual to automated testing.

5 Keys to Successful Test Automation

This blog post is the first in a two-part series on website testing automation that can help your organization better understand how to maximize the effectiveness of your tests and find the right tools to meet your needs. Below we offer insights that can help your organization improve its testing automation process. Our follow-on blog post will help your organization understand the different software tools available to begin automating your tests.