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How You Should Include Security in DevOps Processes

To some, DevOps is yet another example but as you learn more about this practice, you’ll discover how it’s really a new and efficient approach toward delivering software solutions.

How to Prepare for and Pass the Security+ Certification Exam

It demonstrates the core knowledge required for working in the exciting and ever-changing field of cybersecurity. Security+ validates the understanding of key troubleshooting principles across a wide range of IT-related activities and confirms an understanding of industry best practices.

Configure Two-Factor Authentication Using PKI for Oracle Databases

While creating strong passwords and changing them regularly serves as a preferred security practice, configuring your database users to authenticate via two-factor authentication is a giant leap forward in improving your overall database security strategy. 

Tune Oracle and Optimize Queries with SQL Baselines

At a high level, SQL queries use statistics and other variables to determine what execution plan to run. As a result, a given SQL statement (SQL ID) may end up having multiple execution plans (hash plans) over time. Depending on the execution plan selected at runtime, performance can improve or degrade accordingly.