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[Part 3] Online Tablespace Encryption: Tips and Tricks for Your 12.2 Oracle Database Upgrade

In this blog series, I will go through the full process of a database version upgrade and an architecture update. I will also discuss lessons learned and a few tips I gathered during this endeavor.

How You Should Include Security in DevOps Processes

To some, DevOps is yet another example but as you learn more about this practice, you’ll discover how it’s really a new and efficient approach toward delivering software solutions.

How to Prepare for and Pass the Security+ Certification Exam

It demonstrates the core knowledge required for working in the exciting and ever-changing field of cybersecurity. Security+ validates the understanding of key troubleshooting principles across a wide range of IT-related activities and confirms an understanding of industry best practices.

Configure Two-Factor Authentication Using PKI for Oracle Databases

While creating strong passwords and changing them regularly serves as a preferred security practice, configuring your database users to authenticate via two-factor authentication is a giant leap forward in improving your overall database security strategy.