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Partnership is an overused term in today’s business world. It is rarely used in its truest sense: the active work of establishing and nurturing a trusting relationship for the benefit of a mutual customer.

AEM takes partnerships seriously. We work closely with companies in highly specialized areas to provide project-based or long-term strategic value to our customers and prospects.

Our partnerships are business relationships built on trust and backed with contractual commitments to provide meaningful work for all parties, enhance our combined product/service offerings, and provide a path for long-term growth and collaboration.

AEM and its partners “made sure every state was respectfully asked what help they needed

and then provided that technical assistance in a creative and effective way. We were fortunate to get some of our country’s best experts... I think the results speak for themselves.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary Libby Doggett, 2016

U.S. Department of Education

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