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GSA Schedule 70 SeaPort-e GSA PSS

GSA Schedule 70

Since 1986, AEM has provided its customers with leading- edge technological solutions to complex engineering and business challenges. 

Our GSA Schedule enables government customers to easily draw upon AEM’s Term Software Licenses and IT Services. Together, we work with each client partner to tailor our services towards each set of needs.

See below for our GSA Schedule information: 

Type: GSA Schedule 70

Contract Number: GS-35F-0412J 

Period Covered By Contract: April 30, 1999 to April 29, 2019

Business Size: Large Business, Woman-Owned

Special Item No. 132-51 - Information Technology Professional Services 

  • PSC Code D310 IT Backup and Security Services
  • PSC Code D301 IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
  • PSC Code D306 IT Systems Analysis Services
  • PSC Code D307 Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services 
  • PSC Code D308 Programming Services
  • PSC Code D302 IT Systems Development Services
  • PSC Code D311 IT Data Conversion Services
  • PSC Code D313 Computer- Aided Design/Computer- Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services
  • PSC Code D316 IT Network Management Services 
  • PSC Code D317 Creation/Retrieval of IT- Related Automated News Services, Data Services, orOther Information Services (All other information services belong under Schedule 76)
  • PSC Code D399 Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Special Item No. 132-32 – Term Software License

  • PSC Code 7030 ADP Software
  • PSC Code J070 Maintenance/Repair/Building of Equipment

Contact AEM's GSA representative for additional details:

Maggie Pabustan

Telephone: (703) 464-7030, extension 8017


About AEM

Since 1986, AEM has provided its customers with leading edge technological solutions to complex engineering and business challenges. Now AEM is pleased to offer the ability to place orders with us through our SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract. SeaPort-e was established by the US Navy as a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) and the ordering community includes all Virtual SYSCOM activities, other Navy activities, the US Marine Corps, and other DoD organizations. 

AEM's SeaPort-e Contract Number: N00178-14-D-7615 

Period Covered by Contract: May 31, 2005 to April 4, 2019 

Zones: Prime contract for the National Capital (2), Mid Atlantic (3), Gulf Coast (4), Midwest (5) and Southwest (6) Zones 

Corporate Capabilities: AEM's experience spans a full range of products and services in support of government and commercial sector programs requiring software development, engineering and environmental analysis, computer modeling, database design, network support, and system integration. AEM supports its products and services through the deployment of rapid response teams, Help Desk services and customized technical documentation. Additionally, we offer our clients tailor-made training using classroom, multimedia and/or Internet presentation techniques. Members of AEM's professional staff have diverse backgrounds in a number of disciplines, primarily: civil, mechanical, environmental, industrial, and electrical engineering; applied physics; database design; web design and development; network engineering and administration; third and fourth generation language programming languages; naval engineering and administration; and technical writing and training. 

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

This functional area consists of applying the engineering and scientific disciplines to perform technical analysis of, technically support development of or selection of hardware and computer software, or modification to existing hardware and software for systems, test facilities, or training facilities. This also consists of software engineering efforts and programming support required to technically support software implementation in systems, sub-systems, and components utilizing computers, electronics, and software. Planning, designing, coding, testing, integrating, supporting, and delivering algorithms, software (source code and executables), computer programs are the inherent activities of this functional area. Generally, the software development processes used for software development under this contract shall be, as a minimum, assessed at CMMI Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 or equivalent, however the Government may specify other (either lower or higher) standards in individual task orders issued under the contract. 

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support 

This functional area consists of providing information system software analysis, requirements definition, design, development, test, modification, installation, implementation, quality assurance, training, and documentation to meet the evolving data storage and reporting needs of programs and management. Analyze existing IT and IS databases, web sites, and IT applications and recommend new or improved interfaces and improved management tools that meet new management requirements, or improve management effectiveness and efficiency. Perform maintenance and technical support for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) that are outside the cognizance of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI). Modify, implement and maintain web based information systems and links. Develop web-site structure, prepare documentation for population, implement and maintain web sites. Provide systems engineering and technical support for establishment, test, upgrade, and operational support of systems, networks, workstations and support equipment hardware and software that are outside the cognizance of NMCI. Conduct IA analyses, develop, recommend, and implement, monitor, update, and maintain, IA practices, procedures, equipment, algorithms, and hardware that are outside the cognizance of NMCI.

Training Support

This functional area consists of applying the engineering and analytical disciplines required to ensure that the warfighter and technical support community is provided with adequate instruction including applied exercises resulting in the attainment and retention of knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding the platforms, systems, and warfighting capabilities they operate and maintain. This functional area includes organizational development activities. 

Acquisition Logistics Support

This functional area consists of applying the engineering and analytical disciplines required to implement acquisition logistics as a multi-functional technical management discipline associated with the design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment, and improvement modifications of cost effective systems that achieve the warfighters' peacetime and wartime readiness requirements. The principal objectives of acquisition logistics are to ensure that support considerations are an integral part of the system's design requirements, that the system can be cost effectively supported through its life-cycle, and that the infrastructure elements necessary to the initial fielding and operational support of the system are identified and developed and acquired

Team Members

AEM has been awarded a Seaport-e contract as a prime contractor in the above-listed Zones. We are recognized as a woman-owned business and have extensive experience in providing services to the federal government. AEM recognizes our areas of strength and core competencies. We focus on obtaining and maintaining business in these areas. 

Our Team Members include the following firms: Marathon Consulting LLC, BTM Global Consulting LLC and Cowan & Associates, Inc. 

Marathon Consulting LLC (

  • Technical Expertise: custom software design and development, mobile development, database design and development, data warehousing, data migration and reporting, digital marketing, web design and development, business advisory services (business analysts and project managers) 
  • Functional Areas: engineering support, prototyping, system design documentation/technical data support, software 

BTM Global Consulting LLC (

  • Technical Expertise: custom software development services, implementation services for commercial off the shelf products, integration services, data conversation services, software product selection services, software support services
  • Functional Areas: software

Cowan & Associates (

  • Technical Expertise: engineering support, modeling and simulation, system design documentation/technical data support, acquisition logistics, supply & provisioning, training, program support and administrative support
  • Functional Areas: system design documentation/technical data support, program support and administrative support

AEM Contacts for Seaport-e

AEM Seaport Points of Contact are as follows: 

Contract POC: Maggie Pabustan Applied Engineering Management Corporation 13880 Dulles Corner Lane Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171 Phone: (703) 885-8017 Fax: (703) 464-7035 E-mail: 

Technical POC: Hermanus Lemmer Applied Engineering Management Corporation 13880 Dulles Corner Lane Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171 Phone: (703) 885-8002 Fax: (703) 464-7035 E-mail:

Customer Satisfaction POC: Anne Morgan Applied Engineering Management Corporation P.O. Box 1263 Camarillo, CA 93011 Phone: (805) 484-1909 Fax: (805) 484-0950 E-mail: 

Seaport-e: Quality Assurance at AEM

Quality Assurance (QA) is of paramount importance to AEM. 

QA is integrated with AEM's standard business processes. AEM Corporation has adopted the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), an industry standard of best practices with the purpose of helping organizations make measured improvements in their project management capabilities. 

AEM has successfully received CMMI Maturity Levels 2 and 3 ratings by certified independent Lead Appraisers on three different corporate programs: the eMH Business Modules and Technical Support team and the eMH Support Office team, as well as the ETSS II Development team. Since CMMI ratings are valid for three years, these projects are now in subsequent cycles of CMMI ratings, with the most recent appraisals being August 2016 for the eMH Business Modules and Technical Support team, August 2016 for the eMH Support Office team and April 2016 for the ETSS II Development team. These independent ratings give AEM clients confidence that the firm's repeatable and effective processes will maximize the potential for successful system implementation.

AEM clients can expect projects of high quality that are completed on time, within budget, and with low risk. AEM's CMMI compliant management procedures are designed to meet objectives of quality assurance, project risk mitigation, on-time, on-budget projects, and continual improvement. AEM achieves these objectives with the following features: 

  • Senior Project Team. Each project has experienced professionals responsible for successful project management and delivery. 
  • Independent Quality Assurance Review. As part of our CMMI-based procedures, all projects are subject to Quality Assurance Reviews of both the product delivered and processes used. The QA team conducts audits of each software product and the respective project team to assess adherence to the prescribed processes and the status of each project. 
  • Project Reviews. AEM's program management team engages in an in-depth assessment of each project's progress. The team reviews the project status that lists ‘task complete percentage' relative to ‘budget exhausted percentage', and risks identified versus risks mitigated. 
  • Risk Analysis. AEM project managers continually update project plans, they identify issues that will adversely affect the delivery schedule or the effectiveness of the solution. 
  • Performance Management. Each project has performance measures aligned with the overall objective of the effort, as recommended by the CMMI framework. Depending on the project requirements, this approach may include Earned Value Management (EVM) or Lean Six Sigma metrics. 

Since 1986, AEM has provided its customers with leading edge technological solutions to complex business challenges. AEM is pleased to offer the ability to place orders with us for Professional Services through our GSA Schedule. Our GSA Schedule enables government customers to take advantage of AEM's skills and technology capabilities, tailoring the services that are specifically required. 

See below for our GSA Schedule Information: 

Type: GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

Contract Number: GS-00F-083GA 

Period Covered By Contract: January 9, 2017 to January 8, 2022

Business Size: Large Business Woman-Owned 

Special Item No. 874-1 – Integrated Consulting Services 

PSC Code R499 Support – Professional: Other 

Contact AEM's GSA representative for additional details: 

Maggie Pabustan

Telephone: (703) 464-7030, extension 8017