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AEM provides innovative IT solutions to leaders in finance and insurance. We find opportunities for risk mitigation, reference a host of best practices, and quickly implement solutions in order to meet client challenges.

AEM’s understanding of technology sets us apart in an increasingly competitive sector. We are experts in systems operation, in data warehousing, in complex decision support systems, and in integration with or modernization of legacy systems. Every day, our professionals manage systems that handle more than 3 million financial data input records, are powered by more than 14 million lines of code, and house more than 5 billion rows of complex financial data.

AEM partners with each client to tailor unique solutions to their business. For a Fortune 100 mutual life insurance company, we implemented a rule-based approach to building a suite of decision services that help assess the risks for new individual policies in real-time. This solution has reduced policy underwriting and approval cycle times significantly, and it has lowered risk through algorithmic underwriting and rules processing. In a different context, we provide a host of services—including database management, software engineering support, and system security—to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Student Loan Data System. This work touches nearly every college graduate in the United States, influencing more than 65 million student records and over 262 million loans.

Our success across these complex engagements reflects AEM’s broad range of capabilities. It also speaks to the trust we earn from our clients. We provide reliable data and processing security by working concurrently within relevant compliance frameworks, including HIPAA, PCI, and ACORD—and we have even helped clients attain certifications in these areas. With the support of AEM, our client partners power improved insurance shopping, launch students to a college education, and allow investors to improve return on their assets.


Joe Dickman

IT Consulting

Senior Vice President

Joe Dickman is responsible for founding and developing the strategic direction at Vizuri, a commercial division of AEM. He joined AEM in 2002 to identify, research, and adopt emerging technologies for businesses.

  • More than 30 years of professional experience serving as a developer, technical architect, and business strategist delivering solutions for nonprofit, commercial, and government clients
  • Built one of the most respected and high-performing teams in the industry, combining expertise in modern software architecture, tools, and processes with a solid foundation in engineering principles and a focus on open standards
  • Expert business strategist, delivering award-winning innovative solutions through the adoption of leading-edge technologies
  • Active member and speaker within the open-source community
  • Proven track record for implanting innovative and pragmatic technological solutions that address real-world challenges
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