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AEM’s technical experts support medical organizations as they improve standards of care, minimize redundancy, detect fraud, and reduce mistakes.

IT leaders in medicine and health care turn to us because they know we understand the challenges they face. Our experts regularly address a multitude of healthcare challenges, including preventative care, risk assessments, claim tracking, remittance management, managed care, and call center applications.

AEM emphasizes API and microservices strategies that eliminate manual processes and smooth the transmission of health information between care organizations. We also offer strong support in business rules and process improvement, so we are able increase client agility in response to external changes—particularly those sparked by compliance rules and legislation. 

We have strengthened the Clinical Trials Management System for a cancer-fighting biopharmaceutical corporation, rejuvenated client-facing services for prominent research organizations, provided managed services for healthcare providers, and assisted clients with services related to the adoption of HIPAA-compliant environments. Taken in sum, we have provided our clients with intelligent solutions that have saved millions of dollars and touched millions of lives.


Joe Dickman

IT Consulting

Senior Vice President

Joe Dickman is responsible for founding and developing the strategic direction at Vizuri, a commercial division of AEM. He joined AEM in 2002 to identify, research, and adopt emerging technologies for businesses.

  • More than 30 years of professional experience serving as a developer, technical architect, and business strategist delivering solutions for nonprofit, commercial, and government clients
  • Built one of the most respected and high-performing teams in the industry, combining expertise in modern software architecture, tools, and processes with a solid foundation in engineering principles and a focus on open standards
  • Expert business strategist, delivering award-winning innovative solutions through the adoption of leading-edge technologies
  • Active member and speaker within the open-source community
  • Proven track record for implanting innovative and pragmatic technological solutions that address real-world challenges
Meet Joe Dickman