Manpreet Mudahar
Manpreet Mudahar
Executive Director

You’ve worked at AEM for nearly 10 years. What keeps you here?

This is an amazing place to be. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve grown with these people. The culture and benefits are all great, but I have just grown here and I continue to do so. This is something that will stay with me forever!

What have you learned at AEM?

Beyond practical knowledge, I’ve learned how to be a better manager of people and of projects. I never realized I could be so much of a hard charger as I am now. It comes from seeing people above me behave in that way. These are people I admire.

What advice do you have for new hires?

I want to work with someone who is a go-getter, even if they’re straight out of college. When I started, I had only a couple of systems under my belt, but, as my portfolio broadened, I started to move up. AEM will continue to give you opportunities if you work for them. My suggestion would be to worry less about job titles, and more about the work you are performing, and the opportunities that are coming your way. Your work performance speaks for itself at AEM.