Ross Lemke
Ross Lemke
Program Manager

What do you do at AEM?

My days are busy. I provide technical assistance on cybersecurity and privacy, answering questions on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and data security for schools, including creating guidance and supporting stakeholders with the development of data sharing agreements. I run several of our support centers for the Department of Education, which aren’t just help desks—we’ve designed them to build relationships and help the customer to achieve their mission. I also run two of our data-intensive projects supporting the Department of Education.

What would your clients be surprised to learn about AEM?

It’s common in our industry to see staff turnover every few years. However, at AEM, many of us have been here for a long time. I’ve been here 18 years! There’s a longevity here. We hire good people. When they outgrow their original position, they remain with AEM, either in a more senior role on the contract or elsewhere in the company. That organizational knowledge is a tremendous value for our customers, as they are still accessible—even if they aren’t working directly on the contract. Often, there’s nobody else with the depth of experience we have.

What's been a standout moment of working at AEM?

Much of the year I travel around the country speaking about security and privacy. One year, following a session I presented, an attendee told me that my security presentation at the conference the year before had scared the heck out of him. He joked that we had made a lot of extra work for his team: they reviewed all of their policies, instituted new procedures, and enforced policies they already had in place. It was incredibly satisfying to know that my work had helped to move the needle with that district, making it less likely that they will have a data breach.