With data split among case management tools, federal agencies risk missing key insights based on historical and emerging trends.

We unlock more value for our customers through our focus on data and analytics. AEM has logged hundreds of thousands of records through helpdesks, ranging from Department of Defense IT support to Department of Education data submission support, and used that data to provide new operational and strategic understanding.

We tailor a range of products based on customer requirements, offering everything from low-cost, functional case management software to leading-edge Appian deployments. With each customer, we track case data related to specific program goals, service level agreements, and statutory requirements to create timely and meaningful reports. We combine our internal data with external datasets, such as listserv and survey collection data, to reduce burden on the customer and the field.

Case management offers a knowledge base to generate proactive insights that inform operations, including trends in requests, topics, and sources. We conduct in-depth and rich analyses on case data so we can answer questions that are being asked, and also find the questions that need to be asked.