Providing banking and investment services to more than six million consumers across nearly 20 states, our Fortune 500 client oversees nearly 3,000 branches and 10,000 ATM machines. 

Their online and mobile services enable small businesses and individuals to manage their respective finances across a wide variety of transactions. To ensure they operated efficiently, eliminated costly delays, and met regulatory compliance, the client needed a capable partner possessing deep financial and technical expertise.

Our experts worked closely with the client to create automation scripts and policies that would fully automate the bank’s provisioning and deployment application stacks. Together, we enhanced the client’s automation processes and ensured commitments were driven by advanced planning and estimates—not solely by customer deadlines. We also conducted certified technical training, which ultimately positioned their internal team to take on all responsibility to maintain the environments and platform. Our collaboration with the client reduced their provision time from a matter of months to a matter of days or hours.