EdLogics provides innovative health education and learning management solutions to employers, health insurers, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

The company’s initial release of its game-based learning platform was hosted in a public cloud. It garnered significant interest and contracts from large employers, health plans, and brokers, but this also introduced growth challenges. To expand, EdLogics sought to build a new application infrastructure. EdLogics partnered with AEM because of its proven expertise in validating business strategy and its capabilities in designing, developing, and deploying a modern application infrastructure.

AEM integrated a suite of open source products, including Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, JBoss Middleware, and Ansible. To address the need for regulatory compliance, AEM also recommended standardizing security and gaining continuous monitoring of cloud products and services with a fully managed cloud environment. This environment provided cost-effective compliance with FedRamp, HIPAA, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Through AEM’s support, EdLogics gained increased scalability and reliability to support business growth, accelerated their sales cycle and time to market by supporting and automating DevOps processes, and reduced cloud infrastructure, compliance, and staffing costs for anticipated savings of $700,000.