Emerging transportation technologies generate new data with the potential to improve system operations, infrastructure preservation, and agency efficiency.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, legacy IT systems cannot scale or be redesigned quickly enough to handle frequent data and business requirement changes, new data sources, or big data.

Transportation agencies must evolve towards modern data systems and practices. That’s why AEM authored the NCHRP Research Report 952 Framework for Managing Data from Emerging Technologies for Transportation. The guidebook introduces agencies to new concepts and best practices for managing data in a modern, flexible, scalable, and sustainable way.

Our modern data management framework offers more than 100 relevant recommendations based on industry best practices. It is backed by a roadmap that helps transportation agencies navigate common organizational hurdles to secure support and demonstrate long-term value in the modern approach to data management.

AEM’s guidance is also supported by a series of tools, including:

  • A data management capability maturity self-assessment, which includes more than 100 questions across 15 data management focus areas
  • A tool to catalog existing and potential data sources
  • A tool for tracking big data governance roles and responsibilities within an agency