The National Council on Aging (NCOA) helps people above the age of 60 to meet the challenges of aging.

They work to improve lives by educating the underserved, promoting available health and economic security programs at both the state and federal level, and facilitating access to these programs. Millions of people rely on NCOA to gain access to programs and services, get online help, and participate in advocacy efforts.

As an experienced AWS partner, NCOA asked AEM to support a modernization effort that would enable shared services across programs and better support customers based on their needs and preferences. AEM conducted a technical assessment, recommended an IT modernization roadmap, and developed a reference architecture that would first be used as the foundation for NCOA’s new Age Well Planner®.

Based on the immediate impact of this effort, NCOA expanded their scope and asked AEM to support follow-on modernization projects for BenefitsCheckUp® and My Medicare Matters®. Notably, these efforts enabled an enterprise-class API to interface with Medicare brokers, healthcare solutions providers, and other current and future partners.. 

Through these efforts, NCOA has realized a range of benefits:

  1. Improved Performance. NCOA has dramatically improved availability and scalability, and can rebuild environments quickly, if needed.
  2. Increased Security. Beyond increased permissions and visibility, AWS offers the full strength of Amazon’s security infrastructure.
  3. Reduced O&M Costs. Monthly spend on the cloud has been reduced through a serverless, consumption-based model. Security updates and patch management have also been automated in development and QA environments.