AEM employs a range of experts in facilities engineering and IT. Recognizing this unique convergence of skills, the U.S. Department of State looks to AEM for a number of engineering needs around the world.

Notably, in the service of American embassies, we ensure reliable and quality water systems are available and well-maintained. In 2013, the U.S. Department of State recognized AEM’s leadership in the area of water facilities management by contracting our engineers to train operators of all water and wastewater treatment plants at U.S. embassies.

The scope of our support extends well beyond this work. We developed and maintain a software program used by the Department of State to manage assets, share engineering expertise, and support training around the world. This program now includes global modules for areas as diverse as water quality, asbestos, and mechanical engineering systems. We excel in the use of energy modeling software to make buildings around the world more sustainable and functional.

Our experts continue to provide commissioning, reliability-centered maintenance, business process analytics, project management assistance, website development, staffing assessments, and facility software implementation for all 294 American embassies. Experienced in the use of DOE2, Trane Trace, HAP, and eQUEST, our engineers put their energies and expertise to bear on raising the sustainability, quality, and reliability of disparate embassy systems to meet U.S. standards.